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All-Ireland final ticket information : Update 19/07

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Hello again, we continue to work away on the tickets and have issued all tickets/codes that were available to us up to midnight last night. There are a few more Nally tickets due to us today but they have been delayed due to the current global issues affecting ticketmaster. We will continue to distribute whatever we get today and through tomorrow.

At this stage we expect spare tickets to start appearing - we would appeal to club members who for whatever reason have a ticket they wont be using, to let club secretary know on 086 647 9564 so that we can help with facilitating the routing of that ticket to another member who would be very glad indeed.

Thanks to all for the co-operation and understanding till now, we'll be doing our level best on tickets right up to throw-in 

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Just a small reminder to anyone who is sitting on the re-issued links/codes that you have until 1pm tomorrow to purchase your tickets, let us know asap if you won't be using them so that we can re-issue them to other club members. The terrace tickets/codes expired yesterday so any unused codes have gone back to Croke Park. We were informed that the Hill was completely sold out since Sunday out so any few terrace tickets floating around are for the Nally

We still have a good few people on our list without tickets, we are hoping that maybe with all the technical issues that some codes never got used and they will be recycled back to clubs. Regardless we will keep working till the last minute to do what we can to get as many Sixmilebridge GAA club members up to Croke park, if something comes up we will be in contact. No need to panic yet, there still is plenty of time !!

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14/07 : By now all new/replacement codes that we received yesterday evening have been sent out. We did the best we could to get most people who had been issued codes sorted with new ones, the new codes will be going live tomorrow Monday at 1pm. A few people will have missed out, but the the reports were able to show us that the overall problem was not as bad as it could have been, two thirds of us did manage to get some number of tickets on Friday. As the old saying goes "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush"

Best of luck to everyone still on the hunt, we will keep the updates going through the week as we get any news.
We still have a few players and coaches outstanding so they will be top of the list for anything we get

PS - Don't forget to play the club lotto to be in with a chance to win 2 stand tickets, draw will take place Monday night


13/07 : Hello all, here is the latest status on where we are at with tickets. There is quite a bit of info here, so please read the full update before you act on anything:

  • Some good news first. The terrace/hill ticket links and codes that were issued have been re-activated. People with those links/codes can go ahead and purchase their tickets but PLEASE NOTE that each code only allows you to buy one ticket. When you click on the ticketmaster link it defaults to 2 - so you will need to change the number of tickets from 2 to 1, otherwise it will not work for you. If you have two codes, then you go through the process twice.

  • We will be getting the report this afternoon of what has already been purchased against each code - from this report we will be able to identify the people who have not ben able to purchase any tickets yet and will issue them with a new code and link. We will also be able to identify those who purchased more than they were allocated and will be cancelling all tickets for those who have not come forward.

  • If you are a person who got a two ticket code originally but could only buy one ticket with it, we will send you and another new 1 ticket code.

  • The new codes we receive will only be 1 and 2 ticket codes - there is no way to get codes with 3,4,5 seats beside each other.

  • When purchasing your ticket, it is not possible to pick exactly where you want to sit - you need to go with the 'best available' option.

  • All of this has the biggest impact on people who were hoping to bring their children. To try and help, we are going to enable a temporary chat group on ClubZap to facilitate 'ticket swaps' - we will share the chat link with those who are impacted. While we know some adults would also prefer to sit together, we hope you understand the impact this has for people with children so please lets allow them to get them sorted out first - we can look to facilitate adult swaps later in the week when the children who are currently split from their parents are sorted out. Even if you're not sitting beside who you want, you will still be in a Clare section.

  • All new codes/links will be sent out tomorrow (Sunday) and will go live on Monday at 1pm.

We know there are alot of anxious houses out there at the moment, thanks for your patience and keep the faith - alot can happen in the next 7 days - we'll get there !!

PS - A small word of thanks to those who came forward and have returned extra tickets, we will be able to give these to other club members.


12/07 Update 3 : The technical issue with codes and links has been identified and addressed. During the disruption, most of us were unable to purchase our ticket allocation, unfortunately some others were able to purchase more tickets than they were allocated ... which further compounded the problems. All existing unused codes and links have now been cancelled - we will be getting a new set  links and codes tomorrow which we will distribute over the weekend. These new codes will become active at 1pm on Monday and will be valid until 1pm on Wednesday.

For those that did manage to successfully purchase tickets earlier today and stayed within your allocated number, thank you, your tickets are still valid and your all set.

Every club will be provided with a list of codes tomorrow indicating what codes have been used and also how many tickets were purchased on each code. From this report, we will be able to determine who played fairly but more importantly identify the people that purchased beyond their allocation. If anyone in the club has purchased extra tickets beyond their allocation then please contact us (in confidence) by calling 086 647 9564 so that we can arrange the extra tickets to be distributed to club members. By order of the club management, if people who purchased extra tickets do not come forward, then ALL of the tickets purchased by that person on their codes will be cancelled.

Thanks as always for your co-operation, this is a pain in the backside we didn't need but we will get it sorted out
We still have an All-Ireland final to look forward to Sunday week !!
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12/07 Update 2 : There are issues with links/codes, people who were in early at 1pm seem to have managed to buy tickets, problems started a few minutes later
Croke Park are working on the issue with Ticket Master - all tickets/links have been taken completely offline until the problem is fixed
Will update here when we get news


12/07 : All allocated codes have now been distributed and will go live at 1pm this afternoon. ~90% of our priority group of committee, players, coaches are covered at this point. The remaining 10% of this group are at the top of the list for the next batch of tickets if/when received.

Some points of note:

  • All links and codes have been distributed via WhatsApp from the club phone number 089 494 7750 - if you receive a message from this number titled from "SMB GAA", it is not a scam
  • If this is your first time getting tickets from us, WhatsApp has a protection mechanism where it won't allow you click on a link in a message from a new number, you will need to copy the link out to your browser or just reply with a simple message saying thanks which will make the link clickable in WhatsApp
  • To the committee members, players and coaches who have not received a code yet - you are on the top of the list !!!
  • To all other members, be patient and keep a lookout, tickets will turn up

PS - Don't forget to play lotto this week to be in with a chance of winning 2 stand tickets !!!


10/07 : We have received an overwhelming response for tickets over the last 48 hours - 352 people have requested a total of 817 tickets. There will be no-one left in the Bridge that day :)

We received our allocation of ticket codes this afternoon and will be working over the next 24hrs to marry up the requests to codes in as fair a manner as possible. The links and codes will be distributed via WhatsApp before the codes go live on Friday afternoon at 1pm. We wont have enough to cover everyone this time around but are are hopeful of getting more in the week ahead - if you don't get a message this time round all is not lost, once you are on the list we will get to you if and when they come available.

Hon the Banner !!!

08/07 : We expect to get information in the coming days regarding tickets for the big day. To try and get a head start we are taking requests from this evening via the link below.
We are only taking names and preferred number of tickets and will aim to distribute the tickets as fairly as possible - there will be huge demand so large requests may not be fulfilled.
Note that this form is only to get your name on the list - it is not a guarantee that you will get a ticket.

As usual, this is available to club members only.
As and when we get further information we will share here

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and understanding

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